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About Us

Turning data into usable information is an ongoing challenge for many small businesses. Data entry errors, inefficient processes, underutilized software applications—these can be the source of lost business opportunities and obstacles to corporate growth. 

Our company can help you utilize your existing technology to its maximum potential to keep your information fresh, secure and compliant.

Who We Are
  We are Information professionals that take pride in developing information processes that help businesses overcome obstacles to growth.

  We are well versed in the latest technologies (over 25 years experience) with a healthy sense of what life is really like inside a growing business. We began this company in response to the need by business professionals for reliable, efficient ways to manage electronic processes, software applications and the sheer volume of information from both Biotechnology and Investment firms.  The goal is to develop sustainable robust processes that reduce the tedious, repetitive tasks allowing professionals to focus on business and leisure.

  We have experience setting up and maintaining information systems for Investment Advisors, Scientists, Biotechnology firms, Marketing/Sales departments, and Societies. These systems are developed to be compliant, secure, and integrated with your business continuity plan.  We have developed an expertise in the integration of business specific software with Microsoft Office and web interfaces.

  We work closely with business and IT providers both on-site and remotely.


Custom Services

We also provide several types of custom service to fit your needs.

We analyze your needs and work within your existing processes to improve your systems and meet your goals.




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