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Dual Enterprises has a self-managed professional staff that delivers integrated solutions for your technology needs. We concentrate on developing processes that help you drive your business forward.

Sample Projects
  Investment Management Firms:

  • Trading Systems Using Advent, Microsoft Excel and browsers.

  • Multiple daily Market Value extractions integrated into Advent

  • Integration of Morningstar and Excel for Performance Reports

  • SEC compliant system with electronic reminders and auditing

  • Security and Disaster Recovery system

  • Integrated business continuity plan

  • Determination of ROI and NPV for projects

  Science Firms:

  • disaster recovery backup storage and recovery processes

  • laboratory information process tracking and security

  • electronic business continuity plan

  • Marketing Database rebuild and maintenance for tool providers

  • data mining to extract product intelligence and market value

  • statistical programming and market overview

  • competitive intelligence reports

  • determination of ROI and metrics for projects


  • geographic map of current members and prospects

  • Data mining and data presentation for seminars & conferences

Supported Systems

  All Microsoft Windows: 3.x through 2003 Server.



Sample Supported Applications
  All Microsoft Office products from version 97 through to 2003.

  • ACT! 4 to 6

  • Advent

  • ASP

  • AFP

  • Java Script

  • Morningstar

  • Schwab web and SchwabLink integration

  • Oracle 8.x

  • SAS

  • SQL Server

  • VFP

  • VB



We are here to help you with your electronic management of information.




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